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Day Trips Introduction
MountainBikeBali.com is the second company in Bali to offer mountain bikers the chance to ride some of the best off-road trails on the Island. We take you to the remotest corners of the island where you will witness the best of Bali's scenery and culture, as well as being challenged by some magical sections of singletrack. Our day trips are tailored-made to suit your technical and physical ability and usually run with a maximum of 3 people/guide.

We believe that large numbers of people with mixed abilities on small trails is detrimental not only to your enjoyment of the day, but also to the environment and local communities that we pass through. Whilst some off-road experience is required to enjoy your day out with MountainBikeBali.com, our trails are not super-technical so you don't have to be an expert to ride them. If you are interested in learning more about mountain biking or improving your skills we would be more than happy to introduce you to the sport on our 1 or 2 day Introduction to mountain biking course.

The plan?
You can choose from one of the rides detailed below and contact us by email on info@mountainbikebali.com. We will send you a questionnaire asking you questions such as where you are staying, how tall you are and when you last sat on a mountain bike. This information is used to match your abilities to the most suitable guides and trails, as well as ensuring that you get the right size hire bike (the trails outlined below have many small variations in length and technical grade).


How much does it cost?
It depends how many people are in your group.
- 1 person IRD 1.200.000
- 2 people IRD 900.000
- 3 or more people IRD 750.000
We only combine people in a group if we are confident that they are of similar technical ability and fitness, and operate with a guide to customer ratio of approximately 1 guide/3 customers. The price includes bike hire (including helmet, gloves and water bottle), Hotel pick-up and drop-off, lunch, trail snacks and soft drinks….and the chance to ride the best trails in Bali.

The bikes
The bikes are entry-level hard-tail mountain bikes. They all have aluminum frames, hydraulic disc brakes, and a mixture of Deore and Deore LX shimano components.
They come in 3 sizes – 16”, 18” and 21”. We also have a child's bike with a 13” aluminum frame.
Please note that our bikes are fitted with brakes that are suited to left hand drive roads – ie the left brake lever operates the back brake and the right brake lever operates the front brake.
The bikes also have dual control brake levers (i.e. they shift the gears as well as stop the bike). They are very easy to use and most new users adapt to them very quickly, however, if you prefer separate gear levers we do have one 18” bike available with this set-up, so please specify on the form. If you want to feel more at home on your bike, it is a good idea to bring your own pedals and shoes with you. Some people also like to bring

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