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Batur Crater


Kintamani - Ubud


Abang - Tangkub


Bedugul - Bongkasa


Buyan - Subuk


Bukit Jimbaran Loop




Itinerary batur crater




Classic ride around the rim of the famous Batur crater, down the lung-busting hill, finishing across the 1997 lava field. Suitable for anybody with off-road experience.


Start & Finish


Start close to the village of Penulisan, finish near Toyah Bungkah.


Transit times



Nusa dua/ Jimbaran




1 hr 45mins

2 hrs

1 hr

1.5 hrs





34km in total.




Starts at 1600m, descends to 1100m, and includes some steep ascents and descents.




Ridge-top ride around the Batur crater rim, overlooking the Batur crater and lake on one side, with views down to the east coast on the other side. Close-up views of Mt Batur and a chance to ride over the latest lava flows.




Predominantly hard-pack singletrack, with some gravel and jeep track sections on rim. Sand singletrack and lava cobble jeep track in the crater. Tarmac at start and finish of ride.




How much does it cost?


It depends how many people are in your group.
- 1 person IRD 1.200.000
- 2 people IRD 900.000
- 3 or more people IRD 750.000
We only combine people in a group if we are confident that they are of similar technical ability and fitness, and operate with a guide to customer ratio of approximately 1 guide/3 customers. The price includes bike hire (including helmet, gloves and water bottle), Hotel pick-up and drop-off, lunch, trail snacks and soft drinks….and the chance to ride the best trails in Bali. This price for one day trips




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