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Mountain Bike Bali is a young company consisting of 2 guides, a driver and a Volkswagen car. Together, we have put together over 350 kmís of fantastic trails over a huge variety of terrain and scenery. We believe that the pursuit of a perfect trail is never ending and we are always improving and extending our knowledge.;

We are the second mountain biking company on Bali who offer cross-country biking at an intermediate level, and rather than attracting tourists who are already out here, our aim is to attract mountain bike enthusiasts from other parts of the world.


Our holidays offer the opportunity to ride from remote corners of this island in the rarely traveled singletrack motorcycle riders, while also offering luxury accommodation established standards of living in the West - something you should try to increase the adventure experience


We are a small and flexible company so if none of our schedules suit you, or you want to put together a tailor-made holiday, just get in touch with us.


We believe your vacation to enjoy your biking adventure and our emphasis is on good cycling, we hope you will return to the home, not just with a bunch of 'memorable moments of the mountain bike' but also with the culture of Bali


Wayan landung


I was an electrician and a bicycle repair shop and I rode a bicycle from the age of 5 years, the first bike I was riding a my father bike, he worked at the post office as a mail carrier, back from work, I always borrow a bike from the father and in bali many small children who can ride a bicycle properly I began to know and love the mountain bike from the year 1998

My inspiration to make mountain bikes bali, because many companies view tours, which offer shopping packages and tours the streets with cars and I think people got bored with it. so I try to offer a package of bike adventure tours through the village and the lives of remote indigenous bali

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