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Before you leave

This section gives you details on the following topics:


- What to bring on 2 week tours

- Visa requirements

- Immunisation

- Currency

- Travelling with your bike

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What to bring on 2 week tours


Essential Items


1 A copy of your insurance policy.

2 Your passport – with at least one completely empty page in it and more than 6 months to run before the expiry date.

3 A valid tourist visa or $25 US to pay for a visa on arrival (the equivalent in Indonesian Rupiah is also acceptable, but credit cards are not accepted). Please read visa requirements.

4 Money or some means of getting it out of the bank.

5 Sun-cream – SPV 15 or above.

6 At least 3 pairs of comfortable cycling shorts.

7 A fleece or jumper for cooler evenings in the mountains

8 Cycling shoes/mitts/helmet


Non-essential but ‘nice to haves


1 Mosquito net – if you want to guarantee undisturbed nights.

2 Mosquito repellent.

3 Hydration pack – CamelBak or similar. If you haven’t already got one I would seriously consider buying one as it is one of the easiest ways to combat dehydration.

4 Head-torch if you want to do the Mount Batur sunrise trek.

5 A supply of your favourite energy bar (edible ones haven’t reached Bali yet, but there are always plentiful supplies of bananas and nuts).

6 Light pair of trousers and long sleeved shirt for the evenings – the best way to ensure not being bitten by mosquitoes – if you are particularly prone.

7 Your own face-mask for snorkelling


Visa requirements


Most nationalities are required to have a tourist visa to enter Indonesia. This can either be obtained on arrival or you can apply for one in your own country. If you purchase one on arrival it will cost $25. Check with the Indonesian embassy website in your country for the cost of obtaining one before you leave; sometimes it is more expensive and more hassle to do it this way (as it is in the UK).


1 Visa on arrival. The cheapest and easiest way to go unless you want to stay for more than 30 days is to get a tourist visa on arrival. This will cost you $25 which you can pay in UK Sterling, US dollars or Indonesian Rupiah. They do not accept credit cards so you have to have the cash. When you get off the plane in Denpasar you will have a choice of queues to stand in at the immigration desks, just make sure you stand in a visa on arrival ueue and that you have filled out your immigration form which is handed to you in the plane.


2 Buy before you leave. If you wish to buy one before you leave please contact the Indonesian embassy in your country of origin at least 1 month before you leave. The quickest way is to download the application form their website. Please note that not all of the pages on their UK website have been updated with the latest requirements – you do need to pay for a visa if you are from the UK:



. 38 Grosvenor Square. London,

W1K 2HW. Tel. (020) 7499 7661.
Fax. (020) 7491 4993




Visit your travel clinic, doctor or practice nurse at least 6-10 weeks before you leave to check on immunisation requirements. If you are travelling for more than a month, see them earlier.


Malaria It is not necessary to take anti-malarial tablets if you are visiting Bali. However, if you are planning on visiting other Islands in Indonesia, notably the neighbouring Island of Lombok, it is advisable.



The Indonesian currency is IDR Indonesian Rupiah (rp). You can buy it before you arrive or it is also easy to use your credit and debit cards in most ATM machines, of which there are many in the tourist areas in the south.


Travelling with your bike

The best bike to ride is your own, and traveling with your bike need not be a great stress or hassle. Here are some suggestions

1 The easiest way is to get your local bike shop to pack it into a box for you – for a small fee.

2 Alternatively you can get the cardboard box from you local bike shop and pack it yourself – they are usually happy to give them away and more than willing to give you some top tips on packing it. Here are some guidelines;

a. You will need a suitably sized bike box and some plastic fork-end protectors both of which should be available and free from your local bike shop, as well as a roll of packing tape, bubble wrap or pipe lagging from a hard-ware store.

b. Remove your pedals, and take out your seat post.

c. Take off your handlebars, which you should tape under the down tube, you may need to release your front brake cable for this, be wary of crimping hydraulic cables if you have disc brakes.

d. Tape pipe lagging or bubble wrap around the frame’s tubes, shifters and back derailleur. As an added precaution you could also fit a plastic fork end protector. These come with new bikes, and most cycle shops will have a few lying around - which they will let you have.

e. Deflate your tyres and air shocks, take off your front wheel leaving the back wheel in place, and your bike should fit in the box. You will probably have to take the skewer out of the front wheel, and you should keep this in a padded bag with your pedals.

f. If you use disks place a piece of cardboard between the pads to stop the pistons from popping out.

it is important to use as small a cardboard box as possible to fit your bike into, as a tight fit will help to protect your bike. A small bike box also helps to overcome potential problems at airport check-in.

3 Another option is to use one of the latest padded bike bags, which are easier to handle than a cardboard bike box, especially if your journey involves public transport on the way to or from the airport.

4 Finally you could use a purpose-made rigid box. These are expensive and can be heavy (which may put you over the baggage allowance) but do ensure that your bike arrives in one piece.

At the start of your the biking holiday with Bali Trailblazers, we will store your bike boxes, bags or cases and return them to you for your flight home. If you are using a cardboard box, don’t forget to take an extra roll of packing tape to seal your box for the return journey.


Before you leave

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