Day Trips

Batur Crater


Kintamani - Ubud


Abang - Tangkub


Bedugul - Bongkasa


Buyan - Subuk


Bukit Jimbaran Loop






Bali is an outdoor enthusiasts dream, with fast flowing rivers deep canyons and volcanoes just for starters. It’s the myriad of tracks and trails which link one village to another that provide unlimited scope for the adventurous mountain-biker.
There is no such thing as a flat trail in Bali, so if your idea of mountain biking is a pleasant spin along a canal tow path, you might be in for a bit of a shock! Bali is made up of a small chain of volcanoes which trend roughly east - west and make up the back bone of the Island. Generally speaking the slopes on the north side of the island are steeper and closer to the sea, conversely the slopes to the south are more gentle with a longer run-off to the coast.

Our trails predominantly start somewhere on the flanks of the volcanic range and attempt to keep high by contouring around the sides for as long as possible, before taking a turn and heading down hill to the coast. All of our trails contain cheeky uphill sections with a few longer climbs on some of the routes. There is one ‘lung-busting mother of all climbs’ which rises from the crater floor to the inner rim. Only for the seriously insane.

Our rides are tailored for intermediate mountain bikers, although there are often options to miss out the difficult sections if you are not so confident. However, off-road experience is essential.

The rides are located in 3 distinct areas — Bedugul and the central volcanoes, Batur crater and rim and Karangasam and the slopes of Mt Agung. Check them out.

Our trails are what we pride ourselves on — whether you like the easier trails or the more difficult we can guarantee a truly ‘off the beaten track' experience.

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